Style Profile: Jodie Patterson

Occupation: I’m a hands-on-mother of 4, co-founder of the beauty company Georgia by G & Company, and award-winning wife

Where do you live:
We just moved from Soho to Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It’s like small town living with soul!

Describe your style in three words:
1. FUNCTION: It has to work for me while I travel the streets and feverishly move from place to place.
2. FORM: I always like to show shape and skin.
3. GOLDEN: There can never, ever be enough gold.

What are some style tips you can always rely on?
1. Have a signature piece and wear it frequently. Don’t be afraid to look familiar. I wear my favorite hat all the time…even to bed! Everyone knows it’s me from miles away.
2. Buy a great pair of flats (ballerina flats don’t count) and wear them with everything. You’ll feel strong.
3. Wear bright colors (citrus, hot pink, etc) and patterns with neutrals or denim . They can be a great base for any outfit.

Has your style changed since you’ve become a busy mother?
I definitely accessorize more now, after becoming a mom of a-lot-a kids. I always want and need an easy way to make myself smile. I dress for myself – I wear things that belonged to family members and remind me of good times. Things that no one else, but I, would specifically recognize. But overall they translate into confidence.

Shown above: True Freedom Jeans, Attention Shirt, Bongo Fedora Hat, Qupid Oxford Shoes


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  1. im a mother of four girls and yes i’ve changed my sense of style to comfortable but fashoinable! im not just sneakers and sweat pants type of woman nomore i see u can dress in comfort and style and still look great.

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