Style Profile – Nneka Salmon

Name: Nneka Salmon

Occupation: Student, stylist, and photographer

Where do you live? Brooklyn, New York

Which fashion scene do you think is more exciting – Manhattan or Brooklyn?
Manhattan! You get to see a wider variety of different cultures and style choices all at once. Since it’s so fast paced you really have to have an eye to capture the detail. Brooklyn to me is an underground jewel in the cut, swamped with amazing music, roots and history. Get in the mix!

How would you describe your style? Minimal (on most days) and groovy (on my off days). Lately I’ve been playing with pastels. Hello spring!

What’s your latest fashion obsession? Blazers & scarves!!

What are five items you always return to season after season? Brown boots, oxford shoes, green cargos, jeans and a tweed jacket.

Shown above: , Apostrophe Blazer, Studio 36 Scarf, Attention Capri Pants, Attention White Shirt, Attention Handbag, Qupid Boots, Sofia Vergara Bracelet


One comment on “Style Profile – Nneka Salmon

  1. Shanique Mothersill

    If this is what Manhattan has in stored, I think amma have to stop by. This outfit simply sayz “dare 2 b different!”…I loike it!…U ma inspiration Nneka…I love d way u dress so much!

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