It’s All in the Details: Katrina Mitzeliotis’s Must-Have Swimsuits for Summer

Swimsuit season is upon us and I must admit, nothing makes me happier than hitting the beach or lounging by a pool once summer comes. Whether I’m jetting off for a quick weekend trip or going somewhere further for vacation, a bathing suit is always the first thing I pack.

I always struggle with wanting to suit up in the trendiest styles and making them work on my body. As much as I love seeing my friends in their retro, high-waisted bikinis, I can never get out of the style fast enough when I try it on in stores — it’s not a good look on me.

Even though trying a new trend is always fun, I recommend finding a way to make the look work for you — and it’s really important to accept the fact that some styles might never work for you! Suiting up and stripping down can be nerve-wracking enough, and if you’re wearing something you don’t feel comfortable or confident in, you won’t have fun.

If a new trendy style just won’t work for you, try a trendy color instead to keep your look current and cool. Florals, exotic prints, and certain hues (like orange and a black and white combination), are so on trend for the season — and you can select a suit in a standard silhouette but still look totally trendy.

Personally, a standard bikini is always my go-to. Not only do I like to soak up the sun, but I feel most comfortable in this silhouette because of my figure.

This year, the one-piece is making a major comeback (which I’m sure many are beyond thrilled about!). Because I have shorter legs and enjoy showing off my waist, I usually shy away from this style. A great way you can still embrace this silhouette is by rocking a version with cutouts. That’s the new look I’m planning on trying out this season.

So, how can you get ready to hit the beach in style? That’s easy! Try on as many bathing suits as possible and be sure to try on different sizes, too. The more you try, the easier it will be to find a style that works for you. After you select your suit, I recommend picking out a cute cover-up. I always keep a lightweight spring scarf in my beach bag, which I like to use as a sarong over my bathing suit.

Regardless of what you select, if you’re happy and comfortable with your choice,  you’re bound to have a blast!

(Katrina Mitzeliotis is the Fashion Director at, where she covers everything from celebrity fashion and lifestyle to breaking celebrity news and gossip.)

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