Boarding School: Learn The Art of Great Airport Style

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham may stroll through Heathrow Airport in 5-inch stiletto pumps but most mere mortals know better than to attempt such a feat — especially when toting an oversize duffle bag or rolling a carry-on suitcase through crowded airport terminals.

But while sky-high heels may be out of the question, you don’t need to resign yourself to wearing sweatpants and sneakers during your travels. Maxi dresses are favored by celebrity high-flyers like Ashley Tisdale, Miranda Kerr, and Paris Hilton since they’re both comfortable and effortlessly chic, plus they allow you to stretch your legs without restraint once aboard the plane. Try the sleeveless, dark olive-colored Attention strappy maxi dress, featuring a blouson bodice, an elasticized waist, and a split hemline so you can let your leg peek out as you strut to your flight’s designated gate.

Since you’ll be doing plenty of walking, opt for comfortable shoes that capture the ease evoked by your maxi dress. With their T-shaped construction, crocodile print-embossed faux leather straps, and sassy golden chain links, the Bongo “Giuliana” sandals will add a relaxed glamour to your vacation-ready ensemble.

Accessorize the ensemble with a lovely scarf that will not only punch up your look, but will also keep you warm when faced with a chilly airplane cabin. The Sofia by Sofia Vergara zebra and leopard print scarf will add a safari chic feel to your earthy maxi dress, and the silky soft fabric will feel extra cozy during your flight.

Last but not least, make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected weather in your destination city with the Jaclyn Smith Super Tote hobo bag, wristlet and umbrella. With these travel style tips, both you and your aircraft can take off and fly high!

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Attention Strappy Maxi Dress
Bongo “Giuliana” Sandal
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Zebra & Leopard Print Scarf
Jaclyn Smith Super Tote Handbag, Wristlet & Umbrella


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