Joe Boxer PJ Party #ShowYourJoe: Movie Night with @FashionPhilosophy

You’re invited… to a Joe Boxer #ShowYourJoe sleepover party! This weekend, we’re taking a cue from Erica Lavelanet of the Brookyln-based personal style blog The Fashion Philosophy by staying in to throw a slumber party with our besties. While sleepover parties may have changed since your 11th birthday (like Erica said) the sentiment remains the same: “Happiness starts with having a good circle of friends around you; the ones you can call when life hits you hard or throws you for a loop.”

Wonder what happened when Erica and her two blogger BFFs – Landon of Fashion Googled and Lauren of The Marcy Stop – got together for a night of Joe Boxer-infused fun? We’ll give you a hint: It involved movies, dancing and pizza. And lot’s of it! Wanna check out all the fun? Head over to to see all the action!

Ready to throw your own Joe Boxer #ShowYourJoe sleepover? We’ve done the hard part and compiled the shopping list of essentials to throw the ultimate movie marathon- sleepover party. All you have to do now is call (or text – whatever works best for you!) your best girl and/or guy pals, stock up on some greasy pizza and slip into your favorite Joe Boxer PJs.

Here’s what you’ll need:


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