Pajama Day Plans with Joe Boxer: Staying In Never Looked Better

When your alarm goes off this morning, hit snooze, sleep in and get ready for a well-deserved staycation! You’ve been burning the midnight oil week after week…don’t you think it’s time for a whole day spent in your pajamas? So catch up on your favorite TV shows and snuggle up on the couch with a bottomless mug of hot cocoa! Still need convincing? We’ve conjured up the ultimate list of at-home activities to recharge while still looking cute and feeling cozy.

The At-Home Spa
What’s better than a whole day of pampering? Whip up a homemade facial (our favorite is an avocado face mask with yogurt, honey and lemon!), deep-condition your hair with some coconut milk, and throw on the Joe Boxer fleece pajama bottoms under your favorite robe for the full spa effect.

The Gourmet Kitchen
Time to dust off that spatula and flex your baking muscles by channeling your inner Julia Child! A day off is the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe, and a pajama set ensures that you’re head-to-toe covered during the inevitable fudge-pocalypse…because sometimes your mixer has a mind of its own!

The Dance Party
Playing hooky for a day is the perfect opportunity to hijack his dresser, don a pair of festive boxers, top with one of his work shirts, and dance like no one’s watching! Just take those old records off the shelf and bust a move to that Old Time Rock & Roll a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Tell us: How would you spend a day off?

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