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From denim staples to military prints, we pledge allegiance to Americana, the patriotic trend celebrating the home of the brave. Americana fashion combines craftsmanship and comfort for a look as tough and as rugged as the American landscape. However, embracing the spirit of Old Glory doesn’t mean donning stars and stripes like it’s the Fourth of July. Think rich textures, exposed stitching, and laid-back layering pieces.

The Americana movement spans a wide range of time periods and themes, from post-WWII varsity chic to 1950s rockabilly-inspired Hawaiian prints. Because interpretations of Americana are as diverse as its namesake nation, it’s easy to make your own, whether you’re a risk-taking rebel or an all-American classic.

Start with something blue – like a pair of distressed jeans or a denim vest. We suggest our quilted moto vest from Dream Out Loud – tough, but still feminine. Next, pile on the prints. We like mixing a classic stripe midi dress with a sturdy camouflage wedge for that unexpected edge.

If your wardrobe is more apple pie than Rebel Without a Cause, go with all black everything for Americana-inspired pieces that can stand the test of time by transitioning into the rest of your wardrobe. Our Dream Out Loud moto vest also comes in basic black, and pairs nicely with our Route 66 camouflage t-shirt.

So when you’re trying out this timeless trend, be sure to keep in mind practical pieces like layering vests and long dresses that can be worn season after season.

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Dream Out Loud Light-Wash Blue Quilted Moto Vest
Route 66 Camo Wedges
Route 66 Ocean Blue Printed Dress
Dream Out Loud Black Quilted Moto Vest
Route 66 Black Wedges
Route 66 Long-Sleeve Black Camo Henley Top


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