Host a GIRLS Season 4 Premiere Party!

In just 5 days, Hannah and the GIRLS gang hit the HBO small screen for another season of misadventure… and we can’t wait! And since nothing gets your through heartbreak, identity crises, and awkward social situations like your BFFs there’s no better time to round them up than a GIRLS premiere party where you each dress up as your favorite characters.

If you’re style is vintage-inspired like Hannah, go with a flutter sleeve blouse in a dainty floral print. If you’re feeling Marnie’s minimalist look, wear a coloblock dress in a flattering fit. Leaning towards Jessa’s bohemian vibe? Flowy fabrics is the way to go! And finally, if you’re an eclectic like Shoshanna, then keep it interesting in a lace peplum top in a bold color – and don’t forget a fun headband with a dramatic bow.

So tell us who’s your style soulmate: Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, or Shoshanna?

Shop the Look:
HANNAH: Attention Flutter Sleeve Blouse 
MARNIE: Attention Fit-Flare Colorblock Dress
JESSA: Attention Belted Keyhole Leopard Dress 
SHOSHANNA: Bongo Lace Peplum Top 


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