Beanie Babies – How To Reinvent An Outfit With A Knit Hat Alone!

There’s a charming nonchalance to a beanie hat: its slouchy fit exudes an effortless coolness, an almost accidental edginess. By adding a cozy beanie, you can instantly transform the feel of an outfit and enjoy a #StyleStatus upgrade — whether you’re wearing this chic topper atop loose and flowing locks, folding its edges up to create a closer fit, pushing it back toward the crown of your head to reveal your choppy bangs, or rocking it with a loose side braid.

How you wear it says a lot about who you are. For instance, topping off an expertly layered shirtdress and faux fur vest with a beanie means that you’re polished, but you have a bit of an edge. Pairing a beanie with jeans and a graphic sweater means that you’re laid-back and fun.

When it comes to choosing the right beanie, casual doesn’t have to be boring: find beanies with metallic details, like the gold studs, to add some flair to your model-off-duty style. Worried about hat head? Snag a convertible beanie (it’s a headband, too!) that seamlessly takes you from winter wonderland to cozying up by the fire. Finally, with more streamlined, slouch-free beanies, you can stay warm and chic during the cold weather.

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