Kmart Concierge – Throwback Thursday 1970s #FashionWeekProblems

Although you may hate to admit it sometimes you just need a little help taking a selfie …. and we all know everyone takes selfies! But no matter how hard it seems today, imagine how hard it must have been with a Polaroid camera! Luckily in 2013 our Kmart Concierge girl can help with that by bringing you a travel ready spider tripod – making selfies easier than they ever were before!

Fashion designer Rachel Antonoff was so amazing to work with on this shoot! We just loved having her on set!

Photos © 2013 Abbey Drucker. All Rights Reserved.

These 2013 looks are a sneak peek at our Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Shop online, in store or check back soon for even more styles.

On Kmart Concierge
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Shirred Mesh Dress
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Cropped Faux Leather Jacket
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Fitted Blazer
Sofia by Sofia Vergara One Shoulder Dress
Jaclyn Smith Teddy Dress Shoe
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Cast Ring with Stones

On Rachel
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Twill Skinny Floral Pant
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Ruffle Cami
Attention Denim Blazer
Jacyln Smith Teddy Dress Shoe
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Jewelry Bangle, Earrings


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