How To: Perfectly Packable Travel Pieces

New goal this season: Don’t let packing weigh down your travel plans. Whether you’re planning to make the trek to see loved ones a few states over or booked a flight to spend the holidays among fresh scenery, it may seem overwhelming to figure out just which pieces will make the cut – and how you can look good after you arrive at your destination. Packing simple and smart can help elevate your travel experience to first-class.

First tip: Avoid wrinkly pieces. Trying to un-do the damage of squished outfits within your suitcase can take up time you should be enjoying. Make fashion fit your funds and your suitcase by choosing pieces that pack well.

Smart fabrics keep their shape and size as you travel. Knit sweaters stay neat and, even when tossed into a day bag or purse, can still look right-off-the-rack. An easy pair of pants are a must-have, no matter your destination. We love these Jaclyn Smith Yoke Waist Jeggings because they are more than just comfortable and easy to wear; they can be dressed up or down depending on your needs, which saves you pertinent packing space.

Other great packable items include a scarf to add dimension (and keep warm, if you are headed somewhere chilly) and an everyday bag, like a cross-body saddle option, which can store your smaller essentials. Wedge booties are a fun, functional footwear option. Speaking of keeping warm, we also have the perfect jacket that can keep you covered in cooler temperatures. The Attention Packable Down Jacket comes with a drawstring bag, so you can pack it up and toss it in your suitcase for instant, easy access to an extra layer of warmth.

Now that your bag is packed, where is your destination?

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