Trend Alert: Colored Denim

It’s the year of the colored denim. We know; you’ve seen them for the last two seasons on stylists, celebrities and everyone in between. This fall, they’re not going anywhere! They’re sticking around on the streets and in the shows. The only difference is that now we’re seeing colored denim in more striking shades and impressive prints. Lucky for you, we’ve got them in an assortment of styles and colors. Our favorites by far are these Sofia by Sofia Vergara skinny jeans. Get them while they’re hot!

Shown above: Sofia by Sofia Vergara Leopard Print Jeans, Sofia by Sofia Vergara Colored Skinny Jeans


5 comments on “Trend Alert: Colored Denim

  1. You are going to need one skinny rear to wear those. We are going to have us heavy people trying and enough said, ugh!

  2. I saw a Fashion Show on TV featuring bright/tight/colored skinny jeans. The models shown on this site most likely are 16yrs old,petite,& weigh 110 lbs. How about the Fashionable Middle age woman? The wealthy gals on TV and Fashion (Funny show)!or Reality shows, “Real housewifes, (X housewife’s,)are ridiculously thin,conceited of every county in USA. They are not good role models for bringing up children. Self centered, conceited “All about poor me Woman & Drinking constantly (Hello Dr. Drew-Rehab! I tried on Jaquelyn Smith -have lost weight, 5’6” 135 lbs- small butt, wide hips, long legs- Size 12 fit & I bought with matching top size medium. The associates were very helpful. Just do not put in dryer.Intend to wash inside out cold H20 & I put in dryer approx 10 mins on lo, pull out stretch & hang. I can comfortably wear size 8-10 Designer Jeans.

    I prefer Kmart vs Walmart.

  3. I’m excited that the purple ones I bought awhile back are the trend! Now when I pass them on to a family member, I know she’ll be “in” and not too bold. FYI, They can be worn by more full figured women, if done in a favorable manner. For instance, a long, nice shirt is a great touch. Or even a printed, silk, flowing shirt with accents of the color of the pants being worn. I have even seen funky dresses or nicer, casual ones worn over them. Have fun and remember to be fabulously, fierce in everything you do!

  4. Colored skinny jeans have been a favorite since it has been introduced. It seems that it’s going to stay for another fashion year. Nice post!

    1. Thanks! We love them too so we’re happy they’re here to stay!

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