Style Recap with Tajuana

Once again, if you guys haven’t checked out the makeover series via Youtube, go over there asap and subscribe! I appreciate all the lovely, positive feedback and responses to the looks and can’t wait to provide you guys with more information, tips, tricks and makeovers!

Working with Tajuana on this shoot was a dream. She is such a sweetheart and I enjoyed every minute chatting with her and getting to know her and her daughter.  It was also fun meeting with her best friend Shakiyla too, who also provided fabulous feedback on all the looks.

Tajuana told me she’s a busy working mommy and rarely finds the time to get ready and dressed.  In my honest opinion, I didn’t think she needed a makeover; look how gorgeous and effortless she is! But every girl can get the Donna-Do. 😉

We had fun trying on the latest looks from the LYS line at the Kmart on Astor Place in New York City.  I gave her a few tricks to give her more shape and to camouflage any problem areas. My favorite look was the ombre top with the silky pants because it really gave her an edgy, slenderizing look. The darker shaded pants camouflaged her midsection, while lighter colors diverted our attention upwards, to the flattering v-neck top.

Tajuana not only looked great, but I could tell she felt more confident and radiant about herself as well.  She is a trooper and a wonderful role model. I can’t wait to see her again!

Xox, Donna


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