Step It Up: Fall/Winter 2011 Shoe Trends

Step up your wardrobe with the hottest shoe trends! There are so many great trends this fall…I don’t even know where to begin! Earth tones combined with primary shades of red, blue and yellow dominate the season. These yellow heels would be a perfect compliment to any outfit. Boots are also huge for fall. Shoes with accents, patterns and interesting textures are a favorite. I love these Sofia by Sofia Vergara booties and over the knee boots. The wrap-around strap and buckle detailing on both these boots make them so sexy yet sophisticated.  For texture, try these patent leather pumps for work or play. I hope you like my picks and as always, put your best [fashion] foot forward!

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3 comments on “Step It Up: Fall/Winter 2011 Shoe Trends

  1. I just love this website because it makes you feel like your at home!

  2. And you just look at the pictures and its like yes i know i have to get those shoes!

  3. Hi Shaqunna! So happy you love the website & our shoe selection! Thank you for your feedback! It’s always welcomed : )


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