I am guilty of spending tons of money on shape wear and having things tailored because some things just don’t fit the way that I want it to. As a woman with curves, it’s especially important to showcase your curves, but still have things fit perfectly and comfortably at the same time. It can be frustrating when you have to layer shape wear plus your regular attire in order for the fit to feel right.  But, Kmart Fashion’s new line, SlimFabulous does exactly all this and more. Not only are all the pieces affordable, but also each garment is composed of the best shapewear technology that is built-inside each piece.  The shapewear is cleverly hidden underneath each garment so you can skip the process of wearing a corset underneath a sexy tank, or tight-fitting shorts to smooth lines.  This is absolutely exciting for me because anything that can make my life easier when it comes to putting together an outfit, I’m all about it.  Say farewell to love handles and tummy pooches, and hello to sexy confidence!

Xox, Donna


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