Off to the Show!

One of the things I really love about NYC is the array of things you can do. One of my favorite pastimes is attending both Broadway and off-Broadway shows. I’ve always noticed that you have two different types of dolls at Broadway shows. There’s the type that live to break out that LBD (little black dress) with sky-high pumps. The other type of femme lives in jeans and flat boots. It’s ok to be either type as long as you have confidence! I have favorite looks for both the glamour girl and the laid-back gem.

The glam girl I see at shows usually wears the previously mentioned sexy black dress, standout pumps, such as these Attention lace pumps, a dainty pair of earrings and a matching clutch. My favorite girl-next-door look is the combination of black skinny jeans, a body-sculpting sweater with a flat boot. A bold hobo bag and demure jewelry in the form of a classic link bracelet completes the look. Now you’re ready for the show! Ciao — Gabby


One comment on “Off to the Show!

  1. Totally the “Laid Back Gem” outfit! Red is my favorite color & I love those boots!

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