#KmartConcierge Styled by Andrew Mukamal

Remember the gorgeous girls dressed in red pea coats ensuring that every fashion influencer was supplied with the things they needed during New York Fashion Week last season?  Well, the Kmart Concierge girls were back for this season’s Fashion Week, and this time, back in black. “I’ve stepped in to help out the girls who will be hitting the streets and making deliveries, by creating a cool and practical look that will keep them looking chic and feeling good as they make their way around the city, popping up at some of the most exciting events and locations throughout the day. With a chic and stylish template, each concierge will be able to personalize her look with some of her own accessories to stand out and show off her personal style,” said stylist, Andrew Mukamal.

It was truly an honor to have the stylish and wonderful Andrew Mukamal step in and give the girls a brand new look. When he styled Sarah, the head of the Kmart Concierge program, he stayed true to his original aesthetic of edgy with a whimsy flare. What I loved most about the outfit was the baseball cap. Not only is adding a baseball cap unexpected, but it cohesively tied the outfit together in a very fashion-forward way. I think the look is super chic, edgy, and the girls looked absolutely stunning.

I had the opportunity to interview Andrew because who doesn’t want to know about his secrets of staying stylish while still staying true to his personal sense of fashion? Check out the Q&A below, and watch his fabulous video blog where he walks you through why he chose this outfit for the girls here- http://andrewmukamal.com/todayslook/todays-look-episode-43-how-to-style-a-concierge-service.

1) How do you incorporate the “Money Can’t Buy Style” message into your everyday life?

-I’m always mixing classic items in my closet I’ve worn a million times with new fashion forward pieces. Second hand stores are another great place I love to shop! Style isn’t something that is exclusive to a certain price range or people who live in a certain place. It really comes from within.

2) What tips would you give someone who wants to be fashionable, but has a limited budget?

-Spend your money where it counts. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have nice things. Save money to splurge on classic items you’ll use for years and look to fast fashion brands and second hand stores for your everyday wardrobe.

3) What or where is the best way to get fashion inspiration?

-Everywhere! Be sure to keep your eyes on the details when you’re out on the street or traveling, and make time to check out old book and magazine stores and research old movies to watch in your free time.
4) What or who inspired you to work in fashion?

-I think fashion was always running in my blood. Growing up, I did a lot of traveling with my family and I always came back with accessories from where we had just visited. Years later, I realized I had a whole wardrobe of inspiration from around the world!

5)   How would you describe your personal style and what’s your go-to item for Fall?

-My personal style is always changing, and I’m all about embracing that. For fall I’m feeling a sort of Teenage Varsity Global Traveler, mixing a lot of cool prints with varsity classics. Printed pants, cable knit sweaters, oxford shirts, backpacks, varsity jackets and of course my go-to-item for fall, the forward facing cap.


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