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During the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week you may have spotted a few ladies dressed in red rushing through the fashionable crowds gathered for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. These ladies, sporting a fabulous red Attention peacoat, were the Kmart Concierge girls delivering survival kits and menu items requested by a select group of fashion influencers, bloggers, and tastemakers involved with New York Fashion Week. The survival kits and menus included items such as fast flats, water, almonds, and make-up remover. As Fashion Week came to an end, we are proud to say that the Kmart Concierge program not only provided a convenient service, but also made a lasting impression on the way that fashion influencers think and speak about Kmart.

Whether you’re a street-chic San Franciscan fashionista like Rumi Neely of, or a spunky fashion-forward girl like Wendy Lam from, we all need certain things to function during the frenzy of the week, whether it was relieving our achy feet, providing Advil for our headache, or simply delivering a snack. The most popular item request was the Dr. Scholl’s fast flats and shoe inserts, which indeed makes sense- trudging around Lincoln Center in 6-inch platform heels is NOT easy! Even New York City fashion and lifestyle blogger, Cory Kennedy from, thanked Kmart Concierge for rescuing her feet and included a Twitpic: “@Cory_Kennedy: Thanks @KmartFashion for saving my feet as they were barking very loud. #KmartConcierge

Kmart was the one-stop shop for Fashion Week necessities. Thanks to everyone who participated and see you all next season!

xox, Donna


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