Kmart Concierge – Throwback Thursday 1990s #FashionWeekProblems

Sometimes it happens.  You show up to a Fashion Week show or a party and someone is wearing the exact same thing as you. Yes, the idea makes us shudder too.  In the 1990s when you crafted the perfect grunge ensemble and someone else was wearing it, you didn’t have many options.  Today, you can call Kmart Concierge to save the day!  We’ll bring you a new dress to fix the problem and set you apart!


Friends, fashion bloggers and roommates, Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge and Bonnie Barton of Flashes of Style were an obvious choice to us for this fashion mix up.  The pair was so fun to work with and luckily for them they both have such a unique personal style that they’ve avoided accidental twinsies so far!

Photos © 2013 Abbey Drucker. All Rights Reserved.

These 2013 looks are a sneak peek at our Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Shop online, in store or check back soon for even more styles.

Shop the now look:

On Bonnie & Christina

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Halter Maxi Dress

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Fashion Bracelet

Concierge Item:

Attention Color Block Dress

On Kmart Concierge

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Fitted Blazer

Sofia by Sofia Vergara One Shoulder Dress

Jacyln Smith Teddy Dress Shoe

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Cast Ring with Stones



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