How To Work It!

There are very few places we can dress up and look nice aside from “date night.” It’s hard to justify wearing high heels or a blazer when you’re visiting your parents’ house, going grocery shopping or even going to the movies. That’s why it’s important to liberate your inner fashionista when you’re going to work! Sure, you can put on a drab suit and some flats and call it a day, but why not make an effort and look your best. Who knows? Maybe your boss might even notice.

Attention Striped Ponte Jacket
Attention Mini Skirt
Apostrophe Ruffle Top
Attention Career Tote
Two Lips Peep-Toe Heels
Small Planner
Pretty in Pave Sapphire Necklace


2 comments on “How To Work It!

  1. all of those acessories id love to wear and enjoy it because they look nice but have yet alot of comfortability!

  2. I love this outfit! This is totally work chic!

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