Girl’s Night Out Outfit

Just because it’s a girl’s night out, doesn’t mean you need to hit the nightclubs. I wanted to create a look that would be ideal if you wanted to have a relaxing night out with your closest girlfriends. I truly cherish the time that I have with my friends because we are all very busy with our hectic schedules. We’re all huge foodies and film nerds, so a delicious dinner with a movie afterwards is ideal. Here’s an outfit that’s fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Try updating simple a jeans and tee look by adding a few statement worthy pieces. Throw on this gorgeous faux fur vest for the extra element of excitement. A pair of comfy and sparkly lace-up booties will give you those super model long legs. Don’t forget the jewelry! With this outfit, a simple sleek cuff will do. And lastly, you can pack all your beauty essentials, phone, keys and camera (to take pictures with your friends) with this trendy satchel. Hope you love my look!

Xox, Donna


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  1. ACK – I hit send too quickly. I meant “Super” cute. LOL

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