Fashion Week Essentials

Needless to say, Fashion Week is one of the most frenetic and exciting times of the year. If I didn’t have the essentials with me during Fashion Week, I’d feel very unorganized and unprepared. I am already glued to my Blackberry on an everyday basis, but I pay particular attention to it during Fashion Week because I need to know where my friends are, if my seating assignments got rearranged, or if any of the shows got moved to a different time or venue. I also carry a spare battery with me just in case.

Sadly, I don’t get much sleep during Fashion Week, so a great eye cream with concealer is my best friend. Since I’m running around the city to make it to shows and appointments on time, grabbing a hot dog from the street is not the best way to satiate my hunger. Instead, I carry a bag of trail mix with me to hold me over until I have an hour to spare for an actual lunch.

Also, a key staple during fashion week is my black blazer; it completes every outfit. Of course, a pen and paper always comes in handy; I need to jot down notes if I ever have to do an impromptu interview. A digital camera and a mini camcorder are also crucial for me. to carry around. A sleek business card holder is great for when I am networking. Whew…! Listing these essentials reminds me of what a busy week I have ahead. Can’t wait to update you on what happens during Fashion Week!

What do you consider your must-have essentials for Fashion Week?



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  1. listerine mouth wash and chocolate to keep the energy levels up

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