Fashion Forward


Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting I’m Donna, and I will be your go-to guru for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related for Kmart’s new fashion blog.

I’m sure I’ve got a little work to do bringing you up to speed on our new site and how it all came about. Let’s start our story at the beginning of 2011: as with any new year, people start thinking about their own personal new beginnings—for us, we’ve begun a rebirth of our clothing lines.

As you may know from following along in the fall, we’ve ramped our brand and clothing lines by moving the design center to the World’s fashion capital—New York City! We’ve also recruited top designers from high-end brands to come and build your wardrobes for less with us. Now that I’ve got YOU (our valuable fashionistas) all to myself, I can bring you a mixture of content—all based on fashion, lifestyle and entertainment news.

So, what can you expect from this new fashion-centric experience? Well, aside from our current brands, Route 66 and Attention, launching spring lines shortly—we have tons of other surprises to bring you this season! I will be there every step of the way with the latest information, trends, and fantastic merchandise that you can add into your daily wardrobe and lifestyle to be fabulous and fashionable 24/7 without breaking the bank!

I know I may seem a bit mysterious at the moment, but I promise more to come on me later. For now, don’t forget to watch our debut Kmart Fashion video! Can you guess what amazing fashion brands our new lead designers came from!?

xox, Donna


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