Fall for Faux Fur All Over Again!

When we noticed trendsetters wearing faux fur coats and vests last year on the streets of New York, we thought it would just be a blip on the fashion radar. But this year, faux fur has returned with a vengeance! Style mavens are sporting faux fur scarves, handbags, gloves, shoes, hats – you name it! Who would have predicted that it would be just as hot, if not hotter this year? And why not, there are so many reasons to love faux fur. It’s warm, cozy and super affordable! Here’s a guide to some of our favorite fur pieces this fall. Enjoy!

Shown above:
Attention Faux Mink Coat
Jaclyn Smith Faux Chinchilla Hat
Jaclyn Smith Leopard Print Jacket
Jaclyn Smith Black Faux Fur Jacket
Attention Fleece-Lined Bomber Jacket
Jaclyn Smith Faux Fur Trim Gloves
Jaclyn Smith Southwestern Print Coat
Jaclyn Smith Faux Chinchilla Scarf
Attention Faux Mink Vest
Bongo Faux Fur Satchel
Attention Faux Fur Trim Sweater Vest
Qupid Faux Fur Wedge Boot


2 comments on “Fall for Faux Fur All Over Again!

  1. Love the faux fur . Have been a big fan for many years , not just last year or this season . Give me Faux Fur over any wool blend coat any day ! Beautiful for main pieces like coats & jackets , and just the right touch for accents on gloves , purses , sweaters , scarves & belts !

    1. So do we! So chic, on trend and practical!

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