Day-To-Night: The Summer Maxi Skirt

For the everyday woman, it’s difficult to decide how to manage everything on your to-do list, from grocery shopping to picking up the kids from school to going out for dinner. And on top of that, it’s even more of a challenge to tackle your whole day in just one outfit. On a busy day, you want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to sacrifice your style, either. What’s the solution?

Thankfully, we can call maxi skirts to the rescue! One of the year’s hottest trends, maxi skirts are commended for their ease, breeze, and fashionable versatility, especially during summer and the beginning of fall. The maxi skirt is the standout item of a simple outfit, the eye-catcher in any place, and one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can own. During the day, you can wear it with a neutral top and some statement jewelry, and throw on a flowy hoodie for a cool evening look. Consider this crisis averted!

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