Color Trend: Purple & Black

They say the color purple is the symbol of royalty and wealth and black is an indicator of power. So this week, we’re combining these two commanding colors to create a look that’s fit for a queen. Enjoy our picks!

Shown above:
1. Route 66 Shirt Dress
2. Sofia by Sofia Vergara Purple Stone Necklace
3. Jaclyn Smith Purple Denim Pants
4. Sofia by Sofia Vergara Sweater
5. Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Black Out
6. Sofia by Sofia Vergara Textured Ring
7. Bongo Fringe Handbag
8. Attention Printed Top
9. Lady Godiva Cayla Platforms


2 comments on “Color Trend: Purple & Black

  1. Thank you for sending me Emails for a store that I love.

  2. Purple is my favorite color. I’ve been @ high end stores looking for outfits & shoes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having these beautiful outfits, jewelry && shoes @ great prices!!

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