Closet Close-up with Sarah Reynolds

We recently caught up with Kmart Fashion’s social media manager, Sarah Reynolds, and spent an afternoon at her apartment in Manhattan. A native Texan, Sarah moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams of graduating from NYU and working in the fashion industry. It comes as no surprise that she would have impeccable taste and an amazing eye for all things beautiful. Join us as we tour her closet!

Shown above: 1. Attention Tie Neck Top 2. Juicy Couture Fragrance 3. Michael Kors Fragrance 4. Red Denim Jeans 5. Quipid Sandals 6. Attention Clutch 7. Zigzag Pillows 8. Apostrophe Waterfall Blazer 9. Mirror Tray 10. Sofia Vergara Gold Cross Necklace 11. Bongo Messenger Bag 12. GLO Boots 13. Bongo Skinny Jeans


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