BTS: Campus Style

It’s that time of the year to hit the books! Whether it’s your first time going to college, or going back as an adult, it’s important to look your best. We’ll help you get prepared so you can focus more on school and not worry about your style. We recommend you start by having the proper tools for school such as a Nook and perfect (never-run-dry) pen to keep you from fumbling through class. Two, having an easy, comfy and “not trying too hard” look is also important. We think this Route 66 tie-neck top, flats and jeans is the perfect combo. And last but not least, make sure you spot-check throughout the day and have a substantial bag that will hold everything!

Shown below: Attention Tie-Neck Top, Route 66 Skinny Jeans, Sofia by Sofia Vergara Satchel, Maybelline Powder, Parker Pens, Nook Simple Touch, Route 66 Dillard Flats


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