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Hi everyone! It’s Sofia Vergara and I’m so excited to be a blogger for Kmart Fashion this month!! First I’m going to answer some fan questions from Facebook and Twitter. Besos!

1. What kind of makeup do you use? – Melissa R.
I love makeup!! I love to play with different colors and textures and try out different looks. My partnership with CoverGirl is perfect because they send me ALL of the products. My favorite right now are the LashBlast and the FlipStick.

2. Who is your favorite clothing designer & why? – Jeremy C.
I think it is impossible to pick just one favorite because there are so many great designers! I love Vera Wang, Marchesa, Roberto Cavalli, and so many others for gowns. For everyday clothes I love to wear my leggings from my Kmart collection or a great pair of Hudson jeans with a tshirt or long sleeve shirt.

3. What’s your favorite meal? – Val L.
I don’t really have a favorite meal but I love dessert!! I have such a sweet tooth that I just look forward to dessert.

4. Do you cook Colombian food? – Erika T.
I don’t really cook very much but my son Manolo is a great cook. He loves to cook and I love to eat so it is perfect! I have been making a Colombian dish lately – I have been cooking green plantains and they are delicious!

5. Como haces cuando notas que no le caes bien a alguien, seguramente eso te pasa?! – Martha C.
Me pasa y simplemente ignoro lo negativo…nadie es monedita de oro para gustarle a todo el mundo.

6. Would you consider expanding your line to include plus sizes? – Griselda G.
We are adding bigger sizes to most of our items. We currently have an XL size in the dresses and tops, anad up to size 16 in pants. The sleepwear line is going to have plus sizes also!

7. Do you get frustrated with clothing designers that think we curvy women don’t exist? – Marianne B.
The part that is most frustrating for me is trying to find dresses for red carpets. I am not the same size as most actresses so it is more difficult for me to find gowns, but I think the trend is changing and designers are starting to make more clothes for women with curves. It is something I definitely try to do with the Kmart line.

8. What’s your secret for accessorizing? – Ragani B.
I like to go big with the accessories. I love big earrings, big rings, and big bracelets. I also love to stack. I love to wear more than one necklace or more than one bracelet at a time. Or wear a watch and bracelet on the same arm. Don’t be afraid to really go for it!


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  1. Hi Sofia! I’m your biggest fan here in the Bay Area! I love the color of your hair. What color(s) are you using on it? I know you are naturally blond, but this haircolor suits you perfectly! Tan Bella!

    1. That’s a knowing answer to a dffiiclut question

  2. Please come out with a plus size line i just love your clothling

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