A Homecoming: NYFW

The first day of fashion week is akin to the first day of school after a long summer. In this case, we might swap summer vacation for brutal winter, but the sentiment is the same: old friends and acquaintances seeing one another again after a long separation.

This is the second season Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been housed in Lincoln Center and the space already feels like home. My first show was Project Runway season 4 winner, Christian Siriano’s collection. Christian presented his muted collection to a front row that included such fab starlets as Mena Suvari, Gabrielle Union and Alexa Chung. A few hours later the tents played host to another Project Runway winner, this time Irina Shabeyva of season 6. We scored a seat next to the always-entertaining super stylist Phillip Bloch who provided a hilarious running commentary throughout the show. We both appreciated the snowflake cutouts, after all, what could be more appropriate for a season where we’ve been trudging through the snow everyday?


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