Turn Back the Clock Turn Up the Style: Knits and Pastels

Gaining an hour of sleep: awesome. Losing daylight: not as fun. But we look at it this way: the clocks may have turned backward, but we can take advantage of forward-thinking trends to add simple touches into our closet.

It may get darker earlier now, but don’t let the lack of sunlight carry over into your wardrobe. Pastel pieces are on-trend and a great way to have a touch of warmer months integrated into your style. Try a fitted, colored pant to brighten up any neutral top.

Another tip: Mixing isn’t just useful when baking seasonal treats. We love combining textures and fits that keep you warm and looking polished. Stock up on basic essentials, like cardigans and long-sleeved v-necks. These pieces can be layered for cozy warmth, as well as rotated with different items already in your closet for multiple outfit possibilities.

Shop these trends and be excited about what your closet offers. The more you love your wardrobe, the easier it can be to not hit that snooze bar three times before getting out of bed. (We can be on-board for just one snooze.)

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