Ace Geometric Prints With Flying Colors

Just because you didn’t ace geometry in school, doesn’t mean you can’t be head of the class when it comes to the geometric print trend! From checkerboard and stripes to circles and triangles, this bold, fun trend adds the right amount of flair to make a bold statement. Ease into the trend by rocking a black paneled midi dress with neon tribal accents from Bongo or this mosaic printed dress by Jaclyn Smith. Feeling extra daring? Take it up a notch with a metallic flecked party dress by Attention or a harlequin print bodycon dress from Nicki Minaj. However you choose to wear this trend, be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble neutral to let it shine as the star element to your outfit.

Shop the Look:
Jaclyn Smith Geometric Dress
Bongo “Neon Tribal Print” Midi Dress
Nicki Minaj “Harlequin Floral” Sheath Dress
Attention Chiffon Dress



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