This or That: Printed Vs. Solid Bottoms

Suddenly, you’re seeing them everywhere: printed pants and refined cuts that everyone is taking advantage of this fall! Weather you prefer an understated pant or you like mixing it up with a dynamic print, we believe there’s room in our closets for both. The key to success is your personal styling touch.

A printed, skinny pant is a bold choice that will update any outfit! Pair this with a solid top that complements and enhances the color on the bottom. If you’re extra playful, layer on a blazer or jacket in yet another color, to add movement and variety.

On the other hand, a pair of well-tailored pleated pants elevates your overall outfit and adds a touch of elegance. Don’t be shy of bold colors, even in the fall, when styling with solids!

No matter which you choose, make sure to layer with your favorite fall pieces and add unique accessories to make them your own.

The Embossed Top
The Tailored Pant 
The Jeweled Pump

The High Low Shirt
The Maroon Blazer
The Printed Pant
The Black Pump



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