Style On The Menu: What To Wear For A Mother’s Day Brunch

Whether you’re hosting a Mother’s Day brunch at your home or treating your mom to a meal at a nice restaurant, make sure the fashion on this special day is as tasty as the food being served.

Pretty and prim, the Sofia by Sofia Vergara sleeveless sweater dress features a black-and-white geometric pattern that’s delightfully on trend and a ruffled hemline that flutters right above the knee. To give your brunch ensemble a bit more punch, pair it with a bold and edgy statement necklace like the Sofia by Sofia Vergara round link and rhinestone necklace. With a vertical row of interlocking, oval-shaped links along its center and textured gold panels along either side of these links, the Sofia by Sofia Vergara open link and rhinestone statement ring will perfectly complement your striking necklace.

Complete the look with the Sofia by Sofia Vergara love knot rhinestone bracelet, featuring two sleek, gold-toned knots that come together at the center and are joined by a rhinestone-encrusted link, working in perfect harmony with the sparkling rhinestones in your other accessories.

With all of these style ingredients, you now have the recipe to make your Mother’s Day brunch outfit an absolute success!

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Sofia by Sofia Vergara Sleeveless Sweater Dress
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Love Knot Rhinestone Bracelet 
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Chunky Necklace
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Open Link Rhinestone Statement Ring 


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