Kick Off the New Year with a New Look

We’ve been making New Year’s resolutions for as long as we can remember, but actually keeping them? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. (That reminds us: Does shopping count as cardio??) This year, resolving to make a small resolution that’ll have a big impact (on our style, natch!). Read on to see how Claudia Daniela Vergara plans to include bold accessories to her wardrobe to up her look for the New Year and how you can, too!

New Look_New Year


Shop the Look:

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Princess Blazer

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Crossbody Bag

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Printed Sunglasses

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Snake Bracelet

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Black and White Cubic Zirconia Ring


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