Getting Extra Romantic with Sofia Vergara for Valentine’s Day

Gorgeous, talented, entrepreneurial, and funny: the inimitable Sofia Vergara is everyone’s dream girl (Rachel Talbott of ‘Check In the Mirror’ even declared Sofia as her ultimate #WomanCrushWednesday). Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we caught up with the starlet to chat about her idea of a perfect date, love advice, and her new spring 2014 collection for Kmart Fashion. 

Kmart Fashion: How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Sofia Vergara: I don’t know the plan yet! I hope my fiancé, Nick Loeb, is planning something special, but we will probably do dinner and a movie.

Kmart Fashion: What’s your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Sofia Vergara: I think all a ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day date needs is good food, whether at a restaurant, or a nice dinner at home. Oh, and of course, a delicious dessert is a must.

Kmart Fashion: Let’s help all the guys out there: What items from your spring 2014 collection would you recommend to boyfriends shopping for their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Sofia Vergara: You can’t go wrong if you buy one the dresses from my new collection. Give her the gift before you go out, and maybe she can it to dinner. Girls always need a nice dress for special occasions, so you will win some points with the girlfriend.

Kmart Fashion:  What beauty item is a must-have to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sofia Vergara: You at least need lipstick and mascara. Combine a nice lip color that works for you with some “Bombshell” mascara from CoverGirl, and you will be ready for the big date.

Kmart Fashion: What romantic comedy is your go-to flick to watch on Valentine’s Day?

Sofia Vergara: I like to watch movies in the theater, so whatever is the new, hot movie of the moment is probably my pick.

Kmart Fashion: Finally, for those looking to fall in love, what advice would you impart?

Sofia Vergara:  To the men, I would say: “The woman is always right.”



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