Blogger Top 5 Picks – Style and Pepper

Hi, my name is Jessie and I’m the founder of the style blog, Style and Pepper. I live for creative collaborations, so I was super excited to work with Kmart Fashion this week to highlight my favorite spring finds! Check them out below.

1. Route 66 Denim Shirt: I can’t get enough chambray these days, and love the look of it paired with a floral pattern (or in this case, two!) for a laid-back but still lovely look.
2. Route 66 Floral Jeans: I’m still not over this bold trend from last summer, and love that this pastel print can act almost as a neutral by pairing well with so many different colors.

3. Dream Out Loud Aviators: A classic style with major retro-roots, aviator sunnies are one fashion pick that I can never live without. I love that they’re just as chic for a day of shopping, as they are to take my pup for a walk around the block!
4. Bongo Sneakers: I think I had a pair of tennies like these when I was in the second grade, so I am very happy to see that they’re making a come back. They’d look great with these jeans for a more casual outfit, but I’d pair them with a mini skirt and sweater just as well!
5. Dream Out Loud Scarf: I’m a self-admitted scarf fiend, and this gorgeous flowery teal one is just the one I need to round out my collection. Wrapping it loosely around your neck for this outfit would be perfect for a chilly morning at the farmer’s market, and then you could tie it in a bow on your bag when the sun starts to warm things up in the afternoon!


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