St. Patrick’s Day Beauty Tips

On a festive day like St. Patrick’s Day, glimmery green eyelids and funkadelic retro green nail polish is the prettiest and most playful way to spice up your look.  If you’re going to wear green eyeshadow- try not to go overboard and stick with an eyeshadow that’s not highly pigmented.  Sweep Bloom’s beautiful eye shadow on your top eyelid and line your bottom waterline with CoverGirl’s eyeliner in “Majestic Jade”. Define your eyelashes on the top and bottom with separating mascara by Maybelline and then coat them with a thickening and volumizing mascara with Physician’s Formula. This mascara in particular is double-ended with a colored shade that can be applied on the very tip of your lashes for a dramatic, pop effect.

Lastly, have fun with your nail color and apply a neon teal nail polish by Milani.

How are you going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style?

Xox, Donna


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  1. Love that nailpolish! These are great green ideas!

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