One Shirt, Two Ways by Penny Chic

When you’re debating whether to buy something, I always advise people to imagine at least two different ways that they could put the item to use. This doesn’t mean counting the amount of jeans you have that will go with one top, because if that were the case, I’d have about a thousand tops. I mean quite literally to think about how the item can be styled and re-purposed into different outfits.

In the case of this Jaclyn Smith shirt, the top could potentially be worn open like a jacket, tied into a crop top, closed, or tucked in. As much as I love the idea of options 1 and 2, those aren’t realistic for my life, but the latter two ways give me enough outfit varieties to make the purchase worthwhile. If we were talking about a black dress, my question would be whether the dress could be dressed up and dressed down. You can guess which answer justifies the purchase!

What two ways would you choose to style this shirt?

Outfit 1

Jaclyn Smith Three-Quarter Sleeve Top $18.74 (regular price $24.99)

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Flare Jean $14.99

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Serpentine Status Satchel $24.74 (regular price $32.99)

Bongo Stretch Bracelet Set $10.99 (pink and orange)

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Fashion Necklace $16.99


Outfit 2

Route 66 Floral Mini Skirt $6.99 (regular price $9.99)

Glo Strappy Shootie $29.99

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Drop Gemstone Earrings $9.99



3 comments on “One Shirt, Two Ways by Penny Chic

  1. Love it! Those jeans look comfy and chic! Go girl!

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  3. I love those 2 looks. That’s an amazing styling tip that will definitely save $$. Thx!!

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