Leather Leggings for Spring

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of leggings on those lazy days? Leather leggings or leggings with leather detailing adds just the right amount of sophistication, but the proper way to wear leather leggings without looking like you’re going to go to a rock concert is to pair it with structured tops like this Attention olive green shirt or periwinkle button down or this lady like LYS blue vest and figure-flattering pieces.

How do you like to wear your leather leggings?

Xox, Donna


2 comments on “Leather Leggings for Spring

  1. Leather leggings aren’t pants so the top worn with them, NEEDS to be long enough to cover most of your butt. I can’t stand it when women wear short tops with leggings. It doesn’t look sexy, it looks bad, not stylish.

    I love leggings but a dress shirt, like the blue button down shirt suggested here, won’t look right with these leggings unless another, longer piece is worn with them. A blazer or sweater would tie the two pieces together, otherwise it would look really odd. A business or work appropriate shirt with casual (sort of rock-star-ish) leather look bottoms is too different to be worn just by themselves.
    Remember, leggings are not pants!

  2. Michelle Washburn

    Sorry, just not sure I would like the leather leggings, but would be willing to give them a look. I do however, love the vest, it could go with so many different things. Dress it up, or dress it down.

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