MCBS Model’s Style & Donna’s Style

How daring and sexy is this look? I love how she paired a skirt with knee-high stockings she cut off herself. She totally oozes confidence with the sheer top she’s wearing. Below is my interpretation of her look, suited for my own individual style. I love these shorts by Attention. They have a very tribal and modern feel. Definitely wear them with a tucked in tunic to really showcase your silhouette. I really like her red knee-high socks but I admit…I’d have to take baby steps before trying her rebellious look. Instead I chose to accent my look with a few subtle pops of color, a red nail polish and turquoise bracelet would do the trick. Her knee-highs would look great with higher heeled shoes and would be a perfect to wear to school. Since I walk everywhere, I opted for a pair of casual sandals.

What do you think of my “restyled” look?

Xox, Donna


8 comments on “MCBS Model’s Style & Donna’s Style

  1. I don’t care for this posting of Kmart fashion. I am a young woman and I don’t see it being appropriate to have a girl showing off what she’s got ‘underneath.’ Not good taste right here. It is definitely making me think twice about shopping at K-mart, and also telling those I know to beware of the same. Please change this – you will have kids mimicking this soft-porn look and that’s never a good thing. Thanks, Anna

  2. PS–this girl is beautiful without showing her “stuff.” Why not keep the edgy colors and designs but just changing the see-thru & short-short thing??

    1. We appreciate your comments. We also wanted to clarify that Kmart Fashion is geared toward women 18 and up. Our other community, Stylesip, is for the stylish girl in the 13-17 year-old community. Our new Money Can’t Buy Style campaign is about expressing your own style and being true to yourself. When we held our fall photo shoot, we provided our entire apparel collection to the cast and let them choose their own looks. The cast member highlighted in this blog created her look to showcase her personal sense of style. Everyone has their own opinion on what style is, and that’s the beauty of this campaign.

  3. ok…Anna you are not making any sense..there is nothing offensive or porn-like about this new advertisement campaign. so honestly figure out what you are trying to say before you just post random BS everywhere. and to the author; as much as I love Christina’s style and her fashion blog/tumblr (which i follow like a creeper, haha) there is nothing ‘rebelious’ about her look. its cute and chic with a pop of color, your interpretation is WAY off. im not sure how you were involved with writing this, but they picked the wrong writer. literally everything you said about her outfit is just not the right wording. and seriously those shorts are “tribal modern”….seriously? tell me what is tribal about those shorts? why does the fashion industry use ‘tribal’ ,’ethnic’ and ‘aztec’ as if they know anything about those cultures? you cannot bundle up vasts amounts of different cultures and their cultural ways into one word then sell it as if it is all of a sudden ‘in’. remember what the white people did to a lot of these cultures way back in the day (just making a point).

    i love the ad and the model but literally i could pick apart so much more about this i just am going to spare myself the anger that will surely ensue because of peoples stupidity.

    1. As we mentioned to Anna, this campaign is about honoring individuality. While this may not be a rebellious look for some, it certainly is for others. Everyone has their own interpretation of fashion and we’re here to celebrate that.

  4. So where can I find the sheer black top that the model is wearing? Is it available at K-mart now(?), because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the store website…

    1. This is from our Attention line and it will be available in Kmart stores and online around 9/9.


  5. I agree with Christina, I would love to purchase the model’s sheer black top. Is it going to be sold by Kmart?

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