How to Style: Bohemian Winter

The bohemian look has a reputation for retro-inspired summer dresses, linen smocks and large brimmed hats; but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the warm weather to rock the boho look. It’s really all in the way you mix and match your accessories. We recommend layering interesting prints with textures like this Jaclyn Smith printed shirt with a luxurious fur vest from Attention. Add wide-leg jeans, gypsy-like jewelry and a pair of clogs and you’re set for a bohemian winter!

Shown above:
Jaclyn Smith Belted Shirt
Dollhouse Stiles Heels
Canyon River Blues Flare Jeans
Attention Faux Fur Vest
Jaclyn Smith Necklace
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Earrings
Metaphor Sunglasses


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