Fit For Fitness: Find Out How To Shop For The Perfect Sports Bra

It’s time to get physical! Having released over 15 exercise DVDs, penned five weight loss and fitness books, and spent nearly a decade motivating contestants to reach their weight loss goals on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, personal trainer Jillian Michaels has built an expansive fitness empire.

Now, she’s turned her attention to workout apparel, partnering with Kmart Fashion to launch the new activewear line, Impact by Jillian Michaels. To begin your personal body revolution, start by investing in the right sports bra, one that will offer the necessary support for your fitness activities of choice.

If you’re focusing on low-impact exercises like walking, yoga, cycling, and weight training, torch those calories in style with the Impact by Jillian Michaels Low-Impact Sports Bra, which features a comfortable and breathable mesh lining, and both a banded hem and racer-back straps in a contrasting hue for a modern twist.

If you’re graduating to medium-impact fitness activities, which involve a moderate degree of bouncing, then you’ll need a sports bra that offers a bit more support for the suspensory ligaments in your chest, which are largely responsible for the anatomy of the breasts. Try the Impact by Jillian Michaels Medium-Impact Sports Bra, which features a playful wrap front design, and is equipped with supportive racer-back straps and a mesh lining to keep you dry and comfortable as you hike, in-line skate, or do light dance cardio workouts.

If you’re ready for a truly intense, heart-pumping, calorie-scorching, high-impact workout — whether it involves running, high-intensity interval training, basketball, or tennis — try the Everlast Sport Racerback Sports Bra, a compression style with a stretchy knit fabric that hugs the body. In addition to a rounded neckline and racer-back design, this style features a wide supportive band that won’t pinch, bind, or rise up and down.

Whatever your desired fitness regimen, just prepare accordingly and remember Jillian Michaels’ wise words: “Transformation is not a future event; it is a present activity.”

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Impact by Jillian Michaels Low-Impact Sports Bra
Impact by Jillian Michaels Medium-Impact Sports Bra
Everlast Sport Racerback Sports Bra



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