Find The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

With the right pair of shades, your fashion future will be oh-so-bright. But how to find frames that are both stylish and flattering? Well, the key is to account for your face shape when shopping for sunglasses, selecting frames that create interesting contrasts.

Women with square faces (characterized by having a forehead and jawline with a similar width, a well-defined jaw, and a flat or square chin) should opt for round frames like a Mod-inspired pair from the Nicki Minaj collection to soften their angular features.

Similarly, women with round faces should opt for rectangular frames since these will add definition to the face. If you have a round face, then, try out the Sofia by Sofia Vergara retro-style sunglasses, which feature a slightly exaggerated brow bar that creates a very graphic line across the face, adding the desired angles to your complexion. The translucent leopard print plastic frames and amber-tinted gradient lenses, meanwhile, make these sunnies feel bold and adventurous.

Ladies with heart-shaped faces (defined by a wide forehead, high cheekbones, a narrow jaw line, and a small and often pointy chin) will look smashing in cat-eye sunglasses, which lengthen the face thanks to their extra long brow bars and the pointy, upsweep details at their outer edges. The Dream Out Loud cat-eye sunglasses, featuring plastic frames with a tortoise design and bronze-colored metallic accents at the outer edges will deliver the desired effect.

Lastly, ladies with oval-shaped faces can flaunt almost any style of sunglasses, but aviators, such as the pair from the Sofia by Sofia Vergara collection, featuring thin metal frames and amber-toned lenses, will look particularly chic. With these tips, you’ll be walking on sunshine this summer!

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