Eve’s Style & Donna’s Style

I love Eve’s ‘bohemian meets glamour-gal’ style. She combines different textures and prints in a way I have never seen before.  I’m inspired by her chic, creative look. How would I wear her style? I’d take the same Attention tank top and pair it with a SlimFabulous pencil skirt and elegant black clutch.  I would play up the leopard print with either a wide belt cinched at the waist or with wedge heels and pile on fabulous gold bangles! I hope you like my rendition!

Xox, Donna


4 comments on “Eve’s Style & Donna’s Style

  1. Love every piece of this outfit… especially that amazing belt! Stretch AND animal print? Sign this girl right on up! 🙂

  2. I loved Eve’s Style & Donna’s Style OMG!. my favorite posts of all time.

  3. Is that faux fur vest available now?

    1. The faux fur vest is Attention and it will be in-stores and online around 10/19.


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