DIY Dip-Dye Jeans by Blogger Amy Anderson

Dip-dyed denim has been popping up everywhere as one of summer’s hottest trends. Whether it is a pair of cut-offs, a denim shirt, or a classic pair of skinny jeans, dip dyeing can be easily done to any piece of clothing to infuse new life and a little jazz. After spotting these gorgeous white skinnies by Sofia Vergara, I knew they’d be the perfect candidate for a little dip-dye of my own. Plus, they are the first pair of white skinny jeans I’ve found that fit and flatter in all the right places! Follow along for my simple step-by-step DIY.

– Amy Anderson of Parker Etc.


1. Gloves

2. Sofia by Sofia Vergara White Jeans

3. Teal Rit Dye (or color of your choice)

4. Large bucket (over 3 gallons)

5. Container (over 2 cups)

6. Stirring device

7. Salt

8. Detergent


1. Start with a freshly washed pair of jeans. If they are a brand spanking new pair (like mine were), washing and drying the jeans is especially important to get the fabric clean for the dye.

2. Rinse off the jeans in hot water. Be sure they are pretty damp and squeeze out any excess water.

3. Fill your large bucket with around 3 gallons of hot water. Note: ratio for Rit powder dye is 3 gallons of water for every pound of fabric. Read the instructions that come with the dye thoroughly.

4. Boil 2 cups of water and place in smaller container. Dissolve one packet of Rit powder into the water; add a strong swirl of salt and a tablespoon-ish of detergent. Stir this container until all has mixed together.

5. Add the small container mixture to the large bucket of water. Mix together. This is officially your dye bath.

6. Mark (or guesstimate if you want to live on the edge, like me!) how far up you’d like to dye the jeans. Using your gloves, slowly lower the jeans into the dye bath, adjust them so they are lying flat and let sit. I suggest keeping one hand completely dry so you aren’t accidentally touching your jeans with wet dye.

7. The longer they sit, the darker the color. Mine sat for around an hour, but every 10-15 minutes you need to stir your dye bath with your stirring device to keep the dye activated and evenly working. This is not the time to take a nap! Check the color every so often to be sure it’s the shade you’re wanting.

8. Once the color is to your liking, gently remove the jeans from the bath. Rinse them in cold water for a couple of minutes; this will deactivate the dying process. Be sure to squeeze out excess color. Then switch to warm water for a couple of minutes.

9. Machine wash in cold water with no other clothes. Machine dry or line dry (if you’re a patient person).

10. Style them any way you choose!


2 comments on “DIY Dip-Dye Jeans by Blogger Amy Anderson

  1. Uhhh, this is fabulous! Amy, you’re awesome. And now I need white jeans. NOW.

  2. Love this and making this my new project! Great color too!

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