Meet @NatalieOffDuty, the Model-Turned-Blogger Who Loves Breaking All the (Fashion) Rules

Take one look at Natalie Suarez of @NatalieOffDuty’s Instagram and it’s no secret that the model-turned-blogger is a bit fashion obsessed. But take one look into her closet and you may see that it points to a different tune.

Introducing #ClosetConfidential: our exclusive look into the closets and hidden passions of some of the most fashionable players in the game. Stay tuned each month as we pull back the curtains on notable tastemakers to reveal what inspires their personal style, what drives their secret talents and obsessions, and share their favorite Kmart Fashion picks in our intimate photo-diary series.

For a taste of what’s to come with #ClosetConfidential, read on as we uncover what fashion rules Natalie loves to break, the fall trend she’s currently crushing on and more.

One fashion rule you love to break:
I’m always mixing prints and crazy proportions. It could be a long printed maxi dress with a long oversized printed kimono, or it could be taking a midi-skirt and pairing it with sneakers. I love breaking the rules with fashion.

What fall trend are you crushing on right now?
I’m super in love with culottes. I have a pair in a great plaid. They’re definitely not a trend your boyfriend would really approve of, but they look so great with boots or heels!

If you could trade closets with anyone, past or present, who would it be?
It’d be a mix between Jane Birkin and Janis Joplin’s closets. I feel I’d find some amazingly flowing dresses, rose-colored sunglasses and hats with crazy feathers on it in Janis’s place. Pure rock n’ roll.

In Jane’s closet, I’d find perfect smock dresses, newsboy caps, and those perfect high-waisted blue jeans. A whole lot of French. My style is such a mix between the two.

What’s the most unexpected app you’re secretly obsessed with?
VideofyMe. I use it to make super cute videos. I love it most when I’m traveling! The filters are gorgeous, and it’s sometimes nice to film rather than just take photos. I love it.

Who is your secret style icon?
My style is inspired by so many things, so it’s hard to pick one person! Mick Jagger and the Stones have inspired me my whole life. It’s [Mick’s] attitude, and daring sense of style. Sometimes you just get inspired by the boys! I always add a bit of menswear and edge to all of my looks, even if that means adding your most beat-up boots to a beautiful and feminine dress.


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