Sofia Vergara – Red Carpet Ready

Hi everyone! It’s Sofia Vergara with my next post about getting ready for the Red Carpet! After the dieting and preparation, I try to make the actual day of the awards as fun as possible. Here is what a normal awards day checklist looks like:
1. NEVER work out on day of event! It is time to celebrate.
2. Picking a dress: I usually have two options ready just in case anything happens like a zipper break. So on the day I have to decide which dress to wear.
3. I usually have lunch at my house for friends and family and we all hang out while I am getting ready. One of the things we always have is macaroons. I love the salted caramel macaroons from a local Los Angeles bakery.
4. Do hair and makeup: Depending on which dress is chosen, I decide what type of hair and makeup to do. Some dresses look better with hair up and some look better with it down. Also the color of the dress decides which color makeup I wear.
5. Jewelry!: The final step is the jewelry! I love to accessorize and I usually try to wear as much bling as possible. I basically like anything shiny: emeralds, diamonds, gold, silver. I love it all.


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