Sofia Vergara – A Day In The Life

Hi everyone! It’s me Sofia Vergara. People are always asking what a typical day for me is like, so I put together a short schedule to share. I work A LOT whether I’m filming or meeting with Kmart designers to discuss different items, but I also love spending time with my family and friends. This is what a normal day is like:

5am: Usually wake up VERY early to shoot Modern Family

7am – 3pm: Hair & makeup, shooting, etc.

4pm: Work out in the morning if I can, but if I work on Modern Family I go straight from set to work out

5pm: Go to supermarket, pick up dry cleaning just like everyone else!

7pm: Have dinner with friends

9pm: Go home to rest and relax, and get to bed early!

At home I love to watch “Revenge,” and I also read a LOT during my downtime!


6 comments on “Sofia Vergara – A Day In The Life

  1. Your amazing, you accomplish so much and make it look so easy…flawless even.
    Hot, intelligent, entrepreneurial woman. You should be the hottest woman of the year 2012!!!
    I nominate you!!

  2. My day is also non-stop! Wake up at 5am go to the gym till 6, return home to eat quick BF kiss the wife & kids then walk to work. i work till 5 then off to pick-up the kids from day-care. on the nights my wife works i cook dinner give baths,brush teeth, play time before getting them into bed. Then i enjoy “modern Family” on Wed. nights, Boardwalk Empire, Justified & few other fav. usually one good show a night before bed & start again the following day!

  3. How do you have such a great figure? Many of us are jealous of your body. It’s a good kind of jealous and we would love to have a body like yours! Your beauty is natural. I love your routine, what kind of books do you like to read? I’m a huge fan! Keep up with your success and making us Colombians proud! xoxo

  4. That’s a very tight schedule, best wishes for you Sofia,we feel proud of your hard work, Arriba Colombia

  5. You should do a lot more of these photo shoots you are very photogenic even though you are a celeb and very famous.

  6. I know what you mean Sophia… I am up at 500am to get my husbands coffee, my 10mos old bab boy Moses his milk- not with the formula things- he likes it whole.. I have too keep it on stock.. Then I am out the door at 700a to handle our liquidation business and then its 500p and i head home to cook dinner do laundry and rest til 800 then im down for the nite..

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