#JJDeckerTheHalls Look: New Year, New You

Feeling guilty about the extra helpings of candied yams, stuffing, and pumpkin pie you’ve savored throughout the holidays? Regretting your nightly sugar cookie plates and marshmallow-covered hot cocoa cups? Well, there’s no time like now to get back on track about burning off those extra calories and getting back in shape for 2015!

For Jessie James Decker, 2015 is all about getting back her pre-baby bod in time for hew show, Redneck Island and her much-anticipated new album! When it comes to fitness, she’s all about sweating it out in style with Jillian Michaels gear.

No matter what your New Year’s fitness resolutions are – be it running a marathon, adding more squats to your workout sessions, or simply signing up for a gym membership – get ready to sweat with new activewear pieces that are both performance- and fashion-minded.

Whether she’s jogging on the treadmill, kicking a punching bag, or pedaling away at a spin class, Jessie is able to move freely in the turbo racerback tank top, which conforms to your body’s contours without compromising comfort or flexibility. The tank’s contoured V-shaped neckline and the pant’s bold side stripes, meanwhile, makes her feel like the sassiest gal in the gym. Who needs more motivation than that?

To kick it up a notch, you can pair this top with the stretchy power capri pants, which keeps you dry and comfortable thanks to their moisture-wicking fabric and chafing-proof flat seams.

If you love this look, shop it now at www.kmartfashion.com/JJDeckerTheHalls.

What are your fitness goals for the New Year?

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